Big Brunch History

The Throsby Big Brunch began as an Islington Park Placemaking initiative in 2010. Originally the brainchild of one enthusiastic Tighes Hill resident the concept of the Big Brunch quickly won hearts and minds across the community. The Big Brunch is now a significant annual event on the Throsby Villages Alliance calendar and much anticipated by residents in the Throsby Villages.

The Throsby Big Brunch draws inspiration from the Sydney Crave Food Festival which includes a number of regional activities and runs during the month of October. More importantly, inspiration comes from a desire to reinvent the dining experience and strengthen an evolving community spirit that is becoming a hall mark of life in the five Throsby villages.

In a world of take-away food and eating on the run, the experience of sitting at a table to enjoy good food and conversation is something of a lost art. This is the defining feature of this event - it is many people sitting at a communal table, taking time to enjoy the food, meet new people and celebrate living in a great community.