The 2020 Throsby Big Brunch

It's on again!

2020 will celebrate the 11th Throsby Big Brunch!  What a wonderful milestone, a major achievement in this modern throw away age and not one that was  expected all those years ago at the very first Throsby Big Brunch. We need you to help us celebrate! Whether a regular or first time bruncher  we encourage you to save the date -  to come along and experience the magic that is the Throsby Big Brunch, You won't regret it.

So lock it in the calendar and RSVP using the RSVP icon to place your details on the attendees list.

RSVP to reserve your spot at the long table to celebrate and share your culinary talents or seasonal harvest.

When is The Throsby Big Brunch? Sunday 25 October, from 10am onwards.

Where is The Throsby Big Brunch? Nestled under the figs in Islington Park.

What should I bring? Your favourite dish or harvest  - some for you and some to share!

Who can attend? Anyone from the Throsby Villages of Carrington, Islington, Maryville, Tighes Hill and Wickham.

What happens if it rains? Check this page after 9am!